Live Chat Software: Four tips to help you get the most out of your software

Live Chat Software: Four tips to help you get the most out of your software

It is a well-known industry fact that live chat software can help transfer soft sales to reliable hard sales that you can count on every month. In fact, the sales conversion rates for sites that have a chat application compared to those that are not nearly double, in order to see this sale, you need to know how to make the most of your live chat software that is where these tips can be useful.

Do not strike them together - The first basic role of effectively utilizing a chat application is to provide the customer with fast and prompt help as they need. If you make them wait for the chat conversation to start either because of slow broadband or because youve left the chat window, youre turning to a customer seeking help. In a store shop if a customer asked for help, you would never ignore their request and online the same principle is true when using a chat application. If you have to go away, be sure to at least turn off the instant messenger program otherwise they will likely get a bad impression of your site and simply browse.

Offer a Call Back service - If you plan to staff your own chat program, its only reasonable to expect you to sometimes get away from it. When offline, make sure you use the many benefits of instant messaging software, such as leave a message or revoke. Customers who see these will know that you can not respond to their wishes and get back to them as quickly as possible. This allows you to interact with them and assure you that you will respond to their ASAP question, even though you can not physically do it right now.

Use surveys before and after chat - Many chat programs have the ability to enable a survey that automatically pops up after each chat is closed. If you want to make sure you get the most out of every contact with a customer and tailor your chats to suit their needs, give them the chance to fill in a survey. You can not only get information about the customer by using these surveys, such as their email, to add to your contact lists, but you can find out about your product range, service quality, and overall shopping experience that they had on your site and uses your live chat application. This will help you see what the most common complaints are so that you can fix them.

Compile your own personal list of frequently asked questions - Live chat conversations tend to follow the Pareto principle that you may recognize as Rule 80/20, which means that a large majority of the requests you receive through your live chat are the same over and over again. Build a list of frequently asked questions that you receive through your Live Chat software and use them to preview a library of applicable responses so you can quickly delete a pre-populated list. Its much quicker to choose an answer than to write the same answer day after day and because your customers are never likely to know that you will get credit to answer their questions within seconds.

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