ZIP: 34600
Head of Canton
Surface: 2782ha
6518 inhabitants, Bédariciens


Vins du
Haut Languedoc
Catherine Roque



bedarieuxAir Photgraph

The Centre of
the High Cantons.

The Monday market is held in the Town centre where the cross- fertilisation of history and culture is reflected in a strong community life. All the local schools, colleges, and the Secondary College can be found there.

The serried rows of old narrow coloured houses of three or four storeys have been enhanced by a Town Plan which happily mixes the old and the new.

The new Media Library is focusing on the 3rd Millenium, and the Maison des Arts displays the richness of it’s collections of paintings, of botany, of geologie, and it’s meticulous reconstructions of 19th century Middle-Class daily life. It houses the works of two famous Bedariciens the writer Ferdinand FABRE and the painter Pierre-Auguste COT

It has information about the construction of The Prospective built at the end of the 18th century to protect the Town from floods, and has a working model of the Railway.

Since the beginning of the 19th century Bedarieux has been proud of it’s Railway and it’s structures, the tunnel , the viaduct, and the pure lines of the Station’s glass roof.

Today the Town is dynamic, with many businesses and services, and is a pleasant place for cultural and leisure activities. Throughout the year there are events open to everyone. Cinéma, Boules competions, Concerts and numerous sporting activities are offered to satisfy all ages and all tastes.

Close to Bedarieux are two reputable vineyards creating Vins de Pays and Cépage wine. A Goat farm produces cheese with the flavour of the Garrique

Bedarieux’s hamlets: Palagret, Nissergues


Campotel of the Three Valleys
Boulevard Jean Mill Bedarieux
Phone +334.

    Hamlet of the Country house
    Plain Country house Bedarieux
    Phone +334.

    and also:

    Hotel Delta
    1 street of Clairac Bedarieux
    Phone +334.

    Hotel de l'Orb
    route de Saint Pons 34600 Bedarieux
    Phone: +334 67 23 35 90 fax :+334 67 23 98 46


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